Collection: Smart Home Devices

Our collection offers innovative solutions to simplify your routines and enhance your comfort. Experience the future of home automation – shop now!

Ultrasonic Cleaner: Experience effortless cleaning with our 35W Ultrasonic Cleaner! Achieve sparkling results for your glasses and jewellery using advanced ultrasound technology. Elevate your cleaning routine today!

Motion-Sensor Trash Can: Our 12L Touchless Trash Can is a motion sensor-activated bin with a lid, perfect for the office, living room, and bedroom. This automatic bin offers hands-free operation for convenient waste disposal without manual contact.

Digital Photo Frame: Make your memories come to life with our Acrylic Digital Photo Frame! Featuring an optional 5/7-inch IPS screen, 1000mAh battery, and 2GB memory, this frame is your gateway to reliving cherished moments. Easily upload content via a Type C connection and enjoy seamless video playback.

Smart Button Pusher: Upgrade your smart home with the Tuya Button Pusher! Effortlessly automate button presses using ZigBee technology and the Smart Life App. Enjoy hands-free control via Alexa and Google Home. Simplify your life today!

Smart Wall Switch: The Zigbee Touch Switches offer smart wall light control without the need for a neutral wire. These switches come in 1/2/3-gang options, supporting Tuya, Google Smart Life, and Alexa app control. 

Smart Socket Adapter: The HomeKit 16A UK Plug Wi-Fi Smart Socket Adapter is a versatile smart home device compatible with Apple Siri, Alexa, and Google Home. It allows convenient control of connected devices through voice assistants and smartphone apps.